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a digital community for socializing, learning, and making cool stuff

tilde.team is a shared system that provides an inclusive, non-commercial space for teaching, learning, practicing and enjoying the social medium of unix.

i created this tilde after hearing about paul ford's tilde.club. when i was unable to join due to the waitlist, i decided to create my own tilde.

thanks for stopping by!

tilde.team is a founding member of tildeverse.org, which is a collaborative effort among several other tilde servers.

hosting and domains are paid out-of-pocket. tilde.team will always be free to use. however, if you are able and willing to pitch in, you can donate here.



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ubuntu 22.04 upgrades

september 25 2022ben

i completed the upgrade to ubuntu 22.04 today!

this one was relatively easy, only a couple things to sort out.

got all kinds of new software with this one, including stuff like ruby 3, php 8.1, and python 3.10.

it's likely that you will have to recreate any python virtualenvs or any similar locally-downloaded deps.

holler if you notice anything amiss on irc or the mailing list!

5 years of tilde.team

may 31 2022ben

as of may 30 tilde.team is 5 years old!

the early days were hectic and the memories for me are a bit hazy so i'm going off the date that the domain was registered. according to WHOIS info:

Creation Date: 2017-05-30T20:25:48Z

at the time of writing (one day late) we have 1224 members. 219 people have logged in since the last reboot.

i'm not particularly good at words but tilde.team has been a massive part of my life over the last 5 years and i'm so grateful for all you folks who make it fun and enjoyable to hang out here.

keep on making cool things and see ya 'round!

disk quotas

march 23 2022ben

as of today, we will be enforcing per-user disk quotas here on tilde.team.

this was a manual chore that i have been meaning to set up for a while.

the limits will be 1gb as a soft limit then 3gb as the hard limit.

there's a 1-week grace period after reaching 1gb for you to find and remove files.

see the disk usage wikipage for help on finding large files.

thanks for keeping this a usable system for everyone :)




site, wiki, and css theme


fork of tilde.club infra/conf


Tilde program launcher



tilde.team customized fork of bashblog


template home directory for new users



A script that allows admins of tilde.team to make user accounts easily.


gopherhole tool


command line virtual plant buddy



some markdown extensions for php wikis



tilde.team blogging platform


a little script that runs on first login to tilde.team to help get users up and running.


tilde.team's home in the geminiverse


A wiki search bot for tilde.team.

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  • ~gtlsgamr has made a page to show tilde.team's top nethack scorers!
  • For the text-only enthusiasts, ~soxfox has also made a gemini page to show nethack scorers.


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