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I'm Andinus, I like learning. I'm currently learning Go & working on Grus.


I write simple tools & sometimes work on not so simple tools. Most of my projects are Free Software & licensed under the ISC License.


Grus is a simple word unjumbler written in Go.

Note: I'm currently working on porting Grus to Go.

How I use grus

I don't use grus, this is another tool that I wrote for fun. I rewrote this in Go, the first version was a simple shell script & then I wrote it in python. That was ~2 years ago (~2018), I remember trying various solutions & this version is the fastest one that I could come up with.

Actually current implementation in Go is not the fastest one, dropping the use of database would make it faster but this time I wanted it to be maintainable & easy to understand.


Cetus is a simple wallpaper management tool written in Go. It supports multiple sources for fetching the background.

How I use cetus

I'm currently using i3wm & use feh to set backgrounds but I don't want to waste time on searching for good backgrounds so I wrote cetus. I like Bing's Photo of the Day & NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day & so cetus supports both of the sources.

I run cetus set bpod -notify on startup & it sets the current BPOD as my background. I run cetus fetch apod -random when I get bored, if I find the explanation interesting I set it as my background.


Orion is a simple cli client to check for compromised passwords using Have I Been Pwned API.

How I use orion

I don't yet use orion. I wrote this for fun, I use pass to manage my passwords & so I don't have to remember them, it also generates password that are good enough for me.

I would like to audit my whole password store so I'll add this feature to orion someday, then maybe I could create a cron that'll audit my whole password store every week or so.


Perseus is a simple link aggregation and discussion program. It is written in Go & uses sqlite3 for storage.

Note: Work on this project was stopped. I'll someday start working on it again.


Indus is a simple clipboard summarizer written in Go.

How I use indus

I have indus binded to $mod+z & I use it to get quick description on words that I don't yet understand, it works most of the time for me but it also fails a lot of time. Currently it's good enough for my use, at least better than searching for it in another tab.

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