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First Post

July 31, 2020 — ~skeetcha

Hey everyone! Here's my first blog post. So, I guess I'll introduce myself more than my Tilde Page does. I'm currently entering into my fifth year of university in the US studying in a degree program whose name is too specific (I haven't seen anything with this major name before ever). In any case, to explain it briefly, I study creative media with focuses in Film and VR, musical and non-musical theatre, video game design and development, and writing and performing music. I'm currently working on a video game, two books, several languages (that are all in the same family), and an EP of original music.

I'm just a creative person. I like to "bill" (I don't know what other word to use but that one seems to fit best even though I hate it) myself as a storyteller because that's really what I am. I am a person who likes telling stories in whatever media I can get my hands on. Be that film, radio plays as podcasts, original songs, or musical theatre, I create and tell stories that at the same time enrich and retell the human experience.

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