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Unproductivity Cycle

May 19, 2020 — ~rushd

We know that all of us have ups and downs cycle throughout the year. When you're down, even for several days, one day come to change this and fix it, even without you doing nothing to push for a more productive day.

But what if you're stuck in an unrpdoctive cycle? I'm having this problem during the COVID19 quarantine. Afer about 2 weeks of quarantine, I lost the count of days and hours. I also forgot what I was doing before the quarantine began, and I don't know how will I go back to my normal life after this pandemic.

What I learned from this situation that the absolute free time is a psychological killer. It changes the way we think because of the lack o purpose. You wake up in the morning without any purpose, and you sleep at night without any purpose. I found out that I , personally, can't sleep if I have nothing to do the next day! The motive to sleep disappears when I don't have any purpose for waking up next day.

This raises a weird question:

What is the purpose of a non-purpose life?

Some of you may think that this question is not valid. But I find it very interesting to know. For example, I always wondered about the religion of Athiests. Because Athiesm is a belief anyway.

Maybe if I found a purpose in non-purpose life, I would be more productive and have much better motive to wake up everyday and do something. Or does that make it a life with a purpose?

Anyway, I had to share those thoughts to make it clear for those who would like to achieve a very lazy life, this is not the kind of life that you want ! We are born to be challenged.

No Challenge ... No Life