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The Headace of Files Storage

May 13, 2020 — ~rushd

I have lost many files since the 90s. It's been a real problem for me to decide where to put the files that I will need in the future. Includind photos, videos, text files, important diaries, or any project I worked on.

It began when I started saving my stuff on floppy disks because I don't trust if my computer will live for a long time. But now I have bunch of floppy disks that can't be loaded into new computers. Some of these floppies were also corrupted by now. So, where to save my stuff?

Flash Memories, External Hard Disks? One day will come and you won't be able to plug that into a future computer !

OK, we have now cloud services for that right? That's right, we do. But we also have to pay monthly/annually to keep it on cloud servers. But what if they also shutdown just like yahoo did with some yahoo groups in the past?

I still can't find the right solution for saving the important files that I keep losing!

I'm now thinking of investing in a Network Storage NAS with RAID to be able to keep my files. But you know, the only and one fact to keep the files is to migrate it to the newer technology over and over to keep it alive. It's not only a hardware problem! Maybe you will use a program that becomes obsolete in the future! That's why I'm using pure raw text to write, so I can keep it accessible for me and others.