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Distraction-Free writing software

May 19, 2020 — ~rushd

I'm always looking for distraction-free writing software, I download and tried them for my personal evaluation. That's because I find it very hard lately to concentrate in writing books, papers, etc..

I have to be honest that I gave up on graphic user interfaces because of the distraction issue. I used vim, emacs, micro ommwriter, and WriteMonkey. All of these tools were useful, some of them are hard to use, some others are easy, some of them are only CLI and others are GUI. Some of them are specialized for coding, others are better for general writing and editing.

In this post I would like to focus on EDITING. In other words, what is the best alternative for Microsoft Word and IS distraction-free as well.

When I checked ommwriter, I was amazed of the idea. But it was not good for me because I hate using web interfaces in general, and ommwriter is a web app. The best other alternative was Monkeywriter. But unfortunately, it only works on Windows. I tried to use it on wine, but it was different though it ran smoothly as expected.

So when I'm writing a book or a paper, I went for WriteMonkey on my windows laptop. That was the case for at least 6 months before I get to know Ghostwriter !. And guess what? it runs perfectly on both Linux and Windows!

For all writers and editors out there, if you really in need of a tool to write on and you get sick of MS Word you've got to try this out. It's not complicated, very easy to use, and distraction free. While you're using it, it feels like typing in the console but has lot's of useful tools to let you write effectively without the need to learn new things like vi and emacs .

Go ahead and try it .. you will love it