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Craziness and Compassion

May 27, 2020 — ~rushd

So what is craziness?

Why do we say, someone is crazy?

Assuming the person we are meeting is not truely having a mental illness. What makes us say this world to describe him/her?

Acutually 20% of American population has mental illness. So I'm not talking here about this kind of craziness. I'm talking about what triggers us to say: "You are crazy!"

Few reasons that would trigger your response on others behaviour:

  • You wouldn't do such a thing.
  • What they do doesn't make any sense to you.
  • Maybe the person is from another culture.
  • Acting offensive. etc..

Most of the time, the crazy behaviour feeling is due to the big difference between the way you do things and what you understand to be true.

When it comes to other opinions or behaviours, it's best to learn instead of judging or commenting on others. When you know the reason behind your feeling is that oddness of this act.

Can we learn from the oddities of others? Maybe you could make a new friend that you wouldn't ever have otherwise had!

So what make other people acting odd?

  • Stress and anger. Some peole can't hide what they are feeling and the stress forces them to act out emotionally.
  • Anxioutiy. People who are late to deadline or have any kind of commitment that they can't do. Or people who think about what are they going to do next. This will make them act out crazy.
  • Uneducated people. Some of people has very low education / lack of information and understanding. This will make them act in a non-sense way!.
  • Very bad communication skills.
  • Fear. The most motivation for bad behaviour is fear !

We all experience such things in one of these at a point of our lives, and we act less than the optimal way.

If you meet with a person in the future that you start thinking he's crazy.. Take a step back and start to think about what what is beneath this surface. This is compassion and care. This will help others and yourself positively.