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CMS Alternatie

May 12, 2020 — ~rushd

So this is my first post using linux terminal only! I've been always trying to find a tool that replaces Content Management Systems such as wordpress, drupal, etc.. Why is that? It's because I don't want to blog with pictures, videos, and rich content, all I need is a simple text CMS tool so I can publish my random thoughts, Ideas, and writings.

I use mostly a command line interface linux/gnu. Even when I want to browse the web for news and content, I usually use lynx as a text based browser, as well as using twitter in command line interface to stream updates from various subjects. The twitter tools is called Rainbowstream . It's not ver stable but it works very well.

If you are a non programmer, and you are into writing, you also need to try to write on a distraction-free interface. And that's very hard to get when you use Windows. You would end up opening the web browser and lose it in social media and memes! So I really encourage anyone who likes to write notes or anything to start use a distraction free writing tools. There are some good tools in windows, if you want to know them just drop a message or an email and I will tell you what to do.

For publishing my notes, not only I publish for public, I also publish to keep my stuff on the internet so I don't lose my notes when I format a computer or phone. Now this a very simple CMS alternative. It's called bb.sh. A bash script automates the rendering a text file to an html or markdown and publish them on your public html folder.

If you have any question about setting it up you can contact me, or just click on the link where it states this website is generated by bb.sh