Hormone Update #4 (One Month on Hormones)

=> Last week's update

Last week I wrote that I was going to come out to my grade. I did that, I wrote a WhatsApp message in which I detailed in spare detail how I felt, and that I would appreciate being spoken to with a new name and pronouns.

I hate having the feeling of being required to justify myself, and I avoided that by just... not doing that.

And everyone was so sweet about it :D I received so many nice messages wishing me luck and calling me by my name. It was such a nice change from my fear of what would happen.

I also sent an email to every of my teachers asking for my new name to be used in the lessions. I really hope I spelled all the names correctly, it would be weird to have one or two 'outliers' after the break ends.

I can confirm the suspicions I've had last week, I really did receive the best Christmas gift one could have asked for: breast growth. My chest has become more uncomfortable over the week, and I can already spot a little areolar development. These are all very interesting developments.