Hormone Update #3

Hey guys :D

Funny how quickly this blog has turned from inactive incoherent rambling into semiregular updates about my life. For some reason I feel like I should post other things here as well, but fuck it, it's my blog and I will post whatever I want.

I have made a new tag category "hrt"¹ for these type of posts. If you read on gemini, you can go to the tag search to quickly find all posts related to one tag.

At some point I might port this functionality to the web using PHP or some other scripting language, but that is still in the future.

=> Tag search for 'hrt' tag

So, what am I on about?

I don't know how much of this I am hallucinating or if it is actually happening, but I started feeling some very faint soreness and touch sensitivity on my right breast yesterday.

On the internet, people say this is a symptom of breast growth starting. I'd actually be really surprised if it started already, lots of people say it takes some months at least, but I wouldn't complain of course :D

Since starting hormones, I've noticed that I seem to sweat a little more in my palms and feet. This is a little annoying and unusual, but I think I can get used to it.

Yesterday, I've noticed that my nose feels a lot smoother than it did before. I used to have a lot of spots and impurities on my nose, but it feels now like they have mostly cleared up. It feels nice to know that things are happening in my body.

During Christmas break, I am going to come out to my grade and my teachers, asking for them to use my new name. I have only a few months left at school, and I have decided that I really don't care anymore. Whatever happens, it's better than staying in the closet.

That's it for today, folks! I'm really happy with how it's working out right now, and I'm looking forward to the future!

¹ HRT stands for hormone replacement therapy, in case you didn't know!