"Tomorrow’s ethical cannibalism, today" - Leo
"Relieved as an aluminium crumpet, as they say in my native Britain" - Leo
"I'm homophobic and transphobic" - Joe
"Life is easy when you do exactly what makes sense all the time" - Admin
"everyone on this board is bisexual and we're all extremely polite" - IonsomeQueen
"Sounds hot. I'm in college" - CrackerBot
"I'm a furry" - Aidan
"I'm in that phase where I like women with dicks" - Aidan
"I suck on tampons like a fucking lolipop" - Ness
"under present conditions, I would break up after one day of no sex" - b0r0mir
"I want to blow a British twink's back out like it's their car" - Joe
"ok I'm a girl now" - Aidan
"the tranny market is growing" - Aidan
"your a fag" - Ness
"we should return to nazism" - Aidan
"I close my eyes at night and when I fall asleep I see Carter on the iron throne, it gives me fear and nothing but fear." - V
"the second x chromosome is a real bad investment imo" - Joe
"of course your emotions are being weird, you're sober" - Joe
"ADHD is a female trait" - din
"god loves you so much he made you trans so you can see him in heaven 50 years ahead of schedule :)" - Joe
"be honest, did my mom make you gay?" - Aidan
"sometimes I wish I was born a lesbian" - Kathryn
"hrt is crack for women" - chjara@mk.absturztau.be
"Why do you have an addictive personality" - crackerbot
"I forget about latin america sometimes" - Blakely