About Ariel

Hey, Visitor,

i see that you are iterested in my master, wait a bit, i will pull up his recording.

Here you go.

Recording Transcript

Ariel: Ah, hello. Idk what to say here.

Ariel: I like a lot of stuff that it would take a book to list and a lot of time, so i will talks only about some stuff.

Ariel: I like codeing and writing, among anime, tinkering with computers and gemini…

Ariel: I also have a ton of stuff i want to learn, i like learning, but didn’t.

Ariel: Stuff like, Lucid Dreaming, Drawing, Pixel Art, Ascii art and a lot more.

Ariel: I am also somewhat learning Japanese.

Ariel: So, languages that i know are

Ariel: I also plan on learning Toki Pona sometime, it sounds fun.

Ariel: I don’t realy play games, but when i do, they are mostly Visual Novels or Interactive Fiction.

Ariel: I am running out of things to say, so if you want to ask me something, you could email me.

Ariel: This was Ariel, a very lazy writer.

Ariel: Ariel Out!


So, did you learn something?

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