Välkommen to my website!

the official konomo 88x31 imagesite created with emacs

who are you?

i am konomo =) (name's Lilith), a catgirl(?) from trans-land!

my pronouns are she/her!
    i use this pgp key for email encryption and these omemo fingerprints in jabber!
    my email and jabber address is konomo on system ~team!
    i have a fediverse account on the tildeverse's mastodon instance --> here
    though i don’t use that one a lot, social media is hard for me.

why are you?

i'm not quite sure! i was made somewhat close to two decades ago, but the reason is something i was never told.

what do you do?

i write mediocre fiction, do sporadic blogging, write music, and host a mirror of why linux is better!