Hormone Update #6 (Six Months on HRT)

=> Three Months Ago...

As of June 1st, it has been six months since I have been on hormone therapy.

Currently, I feel like my body has fully adapted to the hormonal changes, leaving the weird transitional period and entering the new one. Puberty. Yay...

Yeah, it’srough. I’m moody, I’m tired, all that jazz. There’s not just downsides though, the benefit is that now that I’m in puberty, I’m getting some decent body developments.

The physical changes I have experienced in the past three months have completely upended my body image into the positive. As cliche as it sounds, I feel more and more at home in my body. There are still a lot of parts of my body I don’t like, or can’t even bear having, but... it’s getting easier to be happy, for sure.

Since my last appointment with my endocrinologist, my estrogen dosage has been increased slightly, and soon I will have another appointment to check my levels again. Hope all goes well :)