Hormonal Journey

On May 2nd I made an appointment at an endocrinologist near me. I picked them because they had a history of treating trans patients, a good sign as it would mean that they would have experience and could help and advise me in my journey.

The appointment was on November 6th. A whole 6 months and 4 days later. This was a pretty long time, it feels like a lifetime ago I made that phone call with a stuttering voice, having someone pass by me as I had to utter the words “male to female hormone therapy” into the phone — just like in the horror scenarios I’d painted in my head.

Six months went into the land without a lot of occurences. Then the appointment happened. I had to be in the city early in the morning, which came with a lot of challenges on its own, but overall it worked well, and I was not late.

I introduced myself, said that I had an appointment, and filled out the necessary forms — surprisingly little —, and was asked to wait for five minutes.

Afterwards, I was greeted by my endocrinologist, who was really friendly to me. She talked to me a little about my body’s condition and the effects of hormone therapy. A few important questions were cleared. Then some blood was taken from me to send to laboratory analysis, to check for existing conditions that could contradict a hormone therapy.

Currently I am waiting for my next appointment in two weeks, when I will hopefully receive a recipe for hormone therapy medication through which I can get my medication.