Both of My Parents Are COVID-Positive

On a Thursday afternoon the message reached me. “Dad is positive.”

I expected something like this to happen at some point, and, generally, I posit that there is not a lot of worry to have anyway. All of us are relatively healthy people, and the strains that have been going around lately are not as dangerous as the original one was.

I also expect myself to become infected at some point as well, but being so close to this possibility makes me nervous still.

As soon as I found out I went into self-quarantine in order to shut down the possibility of me catching COVID. I really want to avoid it, as it would rule out the possibility of me meeting up with friends due to lockdown requirements for the near future.

What has happened now; my mother has become infected as well, but I have stayed clear for now, due to my proper self-isolation.

But I feel the mental effects deeply. I always spent a lot of time _inside_, but now I am spending 95% of the day in. One. Room. It’s getting increasingly difficult, and I am thankful for every opportunity that arises for me to wrestle myself outside of this hole I am throwing myself into.

It is becoming increasingly hard to write. I procrastinate all the time, by watching videos or playing video games -- a hobby which I have dropped in the last few months for it interested me less and less --, I did perhaps a few sentences on my active project in this week. Now, with this text, I have written myself into a flow, and it works, but tomorrow it won’t. I will just sit in front of the screen and watch cat videos all day. Again.

Let’s hope this will be over soon.