My name is (still) Lilith

=> My name is Lilith

2 months ago I wrote about my name. I made the prognosis that, perhaps things might rapidly change in a few months. They didn’t.

So far as I can judge it, this has not happened. I am still Lilith. And over these two months I have still been using this name and I am still feeling good about it. Recently, I started feeling more of a connection to it, really having a physical reaction akin to my deadname when being called “Lilith”. Presumably, this is a good sign. My mind is accepting being Lilith.

I am starting to think that perhaps there is no one timeframe in which I can say with certainty that this is the name I should keep.

That’s it. That’s all I wanted to do. Just structure my thoughts a little and scream out to the world how good I feel in the few, isolated moments in which I am sure of myself and my gender.