October Updates

I haven't really been active on here since March, as you can probably see by the recentness of my blog posts.

Lots of things have happened since March.


My laptop's screen broke! :(

It was kind of my fault for taking it with me for travelling. At least it wasn't so busted that I couldn't copy the important data from it.

I have installed Ubuntu on my Raspberry Pi! I used to use Raspbian on it, but, with the release of Ubuntu 21.10 on October 14th I decided to give that a shot.

XFCE has been installed, but deactivated for now. I plan on using it only when I need to.

In the Release livestream the Ubuntu Team said that they will make Flutter tutorials in the future, which I will probably try out on my Pi then.

I'm thinking about getting myself an SSD. Up to this point I've only ever had a hard drive before, which is a very slow medium.


A week ago I took down the link to my "Pates" project from my gemini page. I think that I have not used all of my barely existing potential, and want to rewrite the articles.

It is just a little hobby of mine, but I noticed that at some point my fun and interest in the craft just vanished. At that point I probably should have gotten myself a break. But I didn't; I decided to keep on. After all, it was fun, so why should I stop?

Well, I did end up taking a break at some point. One that spawned months of creative void. When I eventually came back, I saw that what I had managed to come up with was something that I personally disliked, something that I wrote because I couldn't bring it over myself to give myself a break, until it came crashing down.

I pushed myself to complete things because it was fun, but I just couldn't come up with anything good; there was nothing I would proudly call mine. That being said, what I call 'good' probably is not good at all in comparison.

Though, come to think of it, I don't think I will ever be able to consider anything I make 'good'.

I don't even like the name of the project that much. I'd prefer for it to have none for now.


I have spent noticeable portions of April and May, and significant portions of July to October questioning my gender identity.

Still, I am not 100% sure with it, but I have appropriated the label non-binary for now.

Furthermore, I have bought myself a bra which I can pad when I want to to simulate boobs. However, I still have a lot to learn about feminine clothing: I still have a lot to learn about femininity in general. This is all extremely new to me.