Switching from bashblog to independence!

As you may have noticed by the announcements on my homepage, I have stopped offering my blog on HTML for now.

The biggest reason for this was that I wanted to get rid of bashblog.

Bashblog invited me to have an HTML blog, so I opted to write HTML Firstâ„¢. But yet, I had to write valid Gemtext, which did not make using HTML so appealing.

I tried out Hugo, and was a little more disappointed with it than I was in bashblog. I have also considered pelican, but it isn't even installed on tilde.team, so I decided to just make my own.

Now, with my own solution, I am able to concentrate on Gemtext.

My new solution is based on an SQLite database for the date and title, and a handful of scripts for managing the text, I like it very much.

I may make a sequel to 005 at some point.

Will I stop having this be HTML? Yes, for now. At some point I might be convinced to just translate all my Gemtexts to HTML, but that is up to the future to decide.