How to export to an A4 PDF using Org mode

I am back with sharing knowledge that I spent way too long to gain.

By default, emacs creates US Letter PDFs. I am not in the US, I don't have US Letter sheets, and I prefer to have A4 in every single aspect.

But I know nothing about LaTeX, so would I have to export to ODT and then change the page style to A4?

Now that I have the solution, I don't.

And for your sake I will share the solution with you.

If you have a better one, please don't be afraid to tell me, so we can all benefit from it.

You'll need

What you do is add the following LaTeX options to your Org document:

#+LATEX_CLASS: article  
#+LATEX_CLASS_OPTIONS: [a4paper]  

That's it.

┬╣ I didn't know TeXlive was so massive before I tried to install it. 2 Gigabytes?! I might actually be better off converting Org documents to ODT and then PDF...