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look at muh webpage

pretty cool huh

no style though :( it has style now :) not perfect though

no interactivity either

i wish i had paid attention to my web dev classes
oh well

really weird that some headings are smaller than regular text not anymore with this stylesheet

sign saying 'not only will this kill you it will hurt the whole time you're dying

things i like

things i do not like

  1. bad stuff
  2. things that suck

look a paragraph!

woah here comes another one!

what is this one doing down here???

aaaaa i'm bleeding

woah it's a big bar so cool


coll monospace text full of s  p  a  c  e  s


what is even the difference between bold text and strong text?

what about italic text and emphasized text?

oh god there's too many types

small text marked text deleted (????) text inserted text subscripted text superscripted text

hello --me

how you doin

--also me


written by me. visit me at nand.sh/~irieldescent

collected essays of edouard siddon

this tag is called bi-directional override which is the most badass name of any html tag

there's a comment here you can't see it though