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this page doesn’t contain any malware!

As people collect many things, one of my collections is malware. I really like the idea of having a sample of each of them which, from my point of view, represents the state-of-the-art in programming. This is not about sharing malware of damaging computers and here you’ll not find any malware in this page. Maybe in the future I’ll post some tutorial for those interested in this hobby.

Malware Collection

I’m working on a tool to sort my malware collection. This tool (I call it Virus Sort - VS - for now. In the past many Virus Sort tools appeard) needs to handle a huge amount of files and, instead of installing an AntiVirus (AV), I could make use of VirusShare and VirusTotal API to get the report of each file in my database.

Here is an example of the printed log produced by the VS so far. The malware ‘detected’ is based on Kaspersky AV, but VS is getting the whole JSON object with all the AVs report:

[6286/20424] 00483D925B0AE86C44B51122EC15FCC9 --> Hoax.PDF.Phish.ph
[6287/20424] 004841032D5CE9697B45D212024EA6AB --> HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Generic
[6289/20424] 0048426F070AA95894EFB3CCB681455D --> Virus.Win32.Sality.bh
[6290/20424] 00484336C762770BB5E6AC74BBD906F4 --> Backdoor.Win32.Padodor.gen
[6293/20424] 00484CA9F27FDC524C5480C99AE0EA6A --> Trojan-PSW.Win32.MiniLD.g

Altought the VS is in its initial development stage, below I list the features implemented or planned.

VS Dev Log (Updated on: Jan 14, 2023)



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